Amend is one of the 3 major cities in Apocalypse Rising. Amend lies south of the Military Airfield, on the eastern side of the map. It has many civillian and a few industrial buildings, along with one police station, one fire station, one church, one office building, one hospital as the main go-to zones.

What should be here?

Technically, Amend should have almost everything since it is a large City. The presence of a Police Station, and the Fire Station can aid you in arming you with various Military-Grade Equipment.

Most of the time, you can find:

  • Food such as Spam, Tuna, etc.
  • Drinks such as Dr. Pepper (found in Hospitals), Moxie, Coke, etc.
  • Ammo for Survivor Grade Guns such as Maverick .88, M1 Garand, the Makarov, and etc.
  • Survivor Grade Guns stored in Houses
  • Basic Utilities such as Watches, Compass', and the Map. GPS' is not a common sight but you can spot them in the Police Stations
  • Back Packs such as Fanny Packs, Hiking Packs, and Survival Packs. Military Packs have a low chance of Spawning in the Fire Station and Police Station (Unconfirmed)
  • Military Grade Primaries and Side-Arms stored in the Police Station and Fire Station.
  • Industrial Items placed in Deer Stands
  • Partially Fixed or Completely Deconstructed Cars

Tips and Tricks

  • When visiting Amend before going to the Military airfield, it is advised to stock up on blood bags from the hospital and check the police and fire station for military-grade weapons.
  • It is not advised to set up a base camp in Amend, due to the amount of people who show up there and the high amount of zombies roaming the city.
  • North of Amend is a town named Rift. It has 2 military tents, which can be extremely useful if you are on your way to the Military airfield.
  • At the west of Amend, there is a town called Deft. It has a clinic where you can get blood bags without fighting many zombies.
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