Founded in early December of 2012, the Apocalypse Rising Advisory Board (ARAB, for short) is a group devoted to the advancement of Apocalypse Rising through careful scrunity, criticism, and testing of potential Apocalypse Rising updates.


Currently, there are no set requirements to join the Advisory Board, save that you must be invited first.

Nobody has gotten into the Advisory Board by trying to join--you're simply good enough or you aren't.

Advisory Board Members

Currently, there are 9 advisers. Each one is important somehow. We haven't figured out exactly how yet.

  1. boda157
  2. pazur13
  3. SkateBored
  4. liquidsnake85
  5. finley
  6. Imafighter
  7. yayman7555
  8. Milbert23
  9. Iso

There are 4 non-adviser members of the Advisory Board.

  1. Gusmanak
  2. ZolarKeth
  3. Hippaforalkus
  4. PKThunder


  • TheDarkWepon was the first Advisory Board member, but was exiled because he wanted things removed just because he didn't like it.
  • The Apocalypse Rising Advisory Board doesn't really do anything with the group wall--you'd be suprised to see the current wall posts--or on-site chats, they have a Skype chat where they host their daily shenanigans.
  • Advisory Board members do not gain ANY in-game privileges.