The CZ 75 Pistol as it appears in Apocalypse Rising.

  The CZ 75 is a semi-automatic pistol made by Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod. First introduced in 1975, it has good reputation amongst pistol shooters for quality and versatility at a reasonable price, and is widely distributed throughout the world. It is also the most common gun in the Czech Republic.


It is a 9x19mm Parabellum pistol, and uses 12-round magazines. This weapon is a civilian-grade pistol, effective at medium range. Ammo is very common. This is a very good mid-tier civilian pistol. It has low recoil.


It is the second best civilian weapon due to it's magazine capacity. It's useful in taking down zombies. Its ammo is common and has a great iron sight. It is advised to use this weapon against zombies, not players. Players are advised to use this weapon within 100 studs of your target, and aim in the center of the front sight for maximum benefits. The CZ 75 is also a perfect alternative for people who ran out of G18 and M9 ammo while roaming the map since the CZ 75 is scattered along towns and Ammunition is very common. Like the Model 459, the CZ 75 is one of the Survivor-Grade pistols that can be outfitted with attachments such as the Laser Module (An Underbarrel Attachment) and a 9mm Supressor.


The CZ 75 while aiming down the sights.