This is a guide to the famous roblox game-Apocalypse Rising or AR. You will spawn at Delve, TA (Trinity Airfield) , Trinity docks etc. If you spawn at Delve , get out of there as fast as you can. There are a lot of people there who may try to kill you. If you spawn at the docks , or any other spawn place I suggest running away from there. You will find a map and a compass easy , and a rifle such as lee-enfield, mosin-nagent . If you want to get a good gun such as M14 , M4A1 , AK47 etc. you should go to MA , Gus's house(it's north of strive) , or even the forest or the military tens and deer stands. After that , you either find a team and build a base or stay on your own and be a nomad. Most people are bandits , so you should watch out for them(Note:Bandits have a black mask ). Heroes are friendly players , they have a red mask . Your other enemy are the zombies. The zombies are usually in the big cities , TA , MA and the forest. If you see a horde of zombies , and you don't have military weapons , you should leave them there. When you die , you will get to create your character , and to choose a perk. You need to chose the ninja perk , because a lot of players pay attention to the sounds.