Gusmanak joined Roblox in 2008 and is a Outrageous Builders Club member, he has over 7 million place visits

Gus "Gusmanak" Dubetz is a ROBLOX player and co-creator of the famous zombie-apocalypse game Apocalypse Rising. The game has thus gained a total over 7.5 million place visits. Although Gus plays other games such as Territory Conquest on occasion, he spends the majority of his time on ROBLOX developing for Apocalypse Rising and responding to messages from ROBLOX users.


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I read all messages I receive, and respond to the ones that need responded to.
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Apocalypse Rising

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Apocalypse Rising was released on July 1, 2012 by Gusmanak and ZolarKeth. Since then it has received 62 major and minor updates, currently at version 4.2.2, released February 10, 2013. Apocalypse Rising currently has over 6.6 million visits and over 160,000 favorites, and was ranked the 14th most played game of 2012.

Apocalypse Rising is a post-apocalyptic zombie survival game, set in an area containing three cities and several outlying clusters of buildings. Although the actual setting in relation to Earth has not been disclosed, there is much speculation that the setting takes place in either Detroit, Michigan (due to the high amounts of weaponry) or Los Angeles, California (due to the smell). Neither of these two places have been confirmed by Gusmanak or ZolarKeth.

Players in Apocalypse Rising spawn on the coast of a large body of water, and are left to find food, weapons, and shelter from the surrounding zombies. Players have the ability to obtain primary weapons such as the Lee Enfield Rifle or the Mk 48 LMG as well as secondary weapons such as the Makarov and USP-45. Players also must fight hunger and thirst which quickly deteriorates and is required to be replenished.

Upon death in Apocalypse Rising, a player drops their entire inventory which can then be picked up by another player. The user then spawns along the coast again, and must start over from scratch. This is known as Perma-Death.

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