The Makarov is the player's first weapon in Apocalypse Rising along with other items such as the Can of Beans, and a can of Pepsi. 2 magazines (as of 5.0.0) are given when you spawn. The Makarov is not recommended for killing other players unless it's your only hope.


Russia's Standard Issue Pistol developed to replace the Tokarev TT-33 Pistol used by the Russian Red Army. The Makarov's magazine houses 8 9x18mm Makarov Rounds (while latest Russian models house 10-12 Rounds per Magazine). 


-Since the Makarov is the starting weapon in Apoc, it is best for players to keep the side-arm until they can arm themselves with other pistols such as the CZ 75, etc. and primary weapons such as civilian-grade rifles and shotguns.

-It's damage is low, as are all 9mm weapons.

-The Makarov takes 8 torso shots or 6 head shots to kill a person.

-Finding ammo for the Makarov is easy due to the fact that its magazines are scattered on towns and cities and is commonly dropped by zombies. However, you start with 2 magazines when you spawn so make sure that you can conserve ammo properly.