Okay, so you want to survive in the apocalypse that has torn the world asunder. Well, you can't do that with the little peashooter makarov you have there. So, let's get started on how to survive.

  1. Gather weaponry. Food and water aren't so much of an immediate necessarity as you spawn with some. Weaponry will allow you to prevent others from taking things you are earned through looting.
  2. Try to find clothing that blends you in, i'd recommend green clothing, although personal preference for me is black, for two reasons. One, it blends into the night well, and two, i love the colour black. If you can, find padded clothing, it provides a small amount of bullet protection.
  3. Try to procure a good backpack. You are gonna need something to put that loot in, so try to find a hiking pack, or survival pack. A fanny pack isn't worth using, as it provides a miniscule amount of space.
  4. Now you can focus on finding food. While looting for the above items, it won't hurt to grab the odd bottle of water and can of beans so you won't be worrying, but don't immediately start hording it unless you plan on making a base immediately, which leads me to point 5.
  5. Once all these steps are achieved, you must decide who YOU are. Are you the kind of person who hunkers down in a base, or do you tear through other people's bases to get to them. Do you fix vehicles up and roam, or prefer on foot. This is where you decide which path is right for you.
  6. Althoough everyone builds in their own ways, i just want to mention some building tips. One, don't try to build a standalone base, build inside a house, preferably a warehouse. Two, if step 1 was followed, troy to find a warehouse with only a door, not 2. Three, if one and two were followed, try to build a second floor to store stuff in and survive, it makes it extremely easier to defend

Well survivors, bandits and heroes, that's all she wrote. So, keep surviving, and i'll see you out in the wastelands.