Little of the story is known but from various locations and graffiti, the story can be outlined.

Sentence fragments marked with blood are proof of Subject 3's existence. These statements describe in-game aspects. One statement ("Trust no one") describes the Banditry aspect of the game.

The Development Of The Disease

It starts at a Trinity secret bunker located in the woods. Trinity seems to have posed as a shipping company to cover up the work they do. Using some basic logic it seems it took 3 attempts for the Pathogen to be successful. This derives from Subject 3. Subject 3 became the first otherwise known as Patient Zero (Hence, Patient Zero is DayZ's very own Subject 3). Here we are unsure whether it was trinitys intentions to create this or spread it. It would seem the infection then reached trinitys main transport points. The Airfield and Docks. From here it spread to the major cities. Only a few remain uninfected. It is up to them to take Subject 3 and create a possible cure. However, it was revealed to be unsuccesful due to the fact that the whole island has been taken-over by the infection.

Back in previous Apocalypse Rising versions, players are able to collect Journal Entries scattered around the 3 main cities, and read them during their free time. These Journal Entries outline pre-outbreak events such as how Subject 3 ended up in the Amend Map, where Subject 3 came from, how Subject 3 behaves, and etc.

The Disease, however, does not infect any player. This could only mean that Players have passive immunization, meaning people are already adapted to the environment, thus, Players who are bitten by Zombies will gain no side-effects.

Military Involvement

Players seem to debate about the involvement of the Military in Apocalypse Rising's story. Since the current map had permanent Military Presence, it has been assume that they are in-charge of the place's security, or they could've cooperated with Trinity Corp. Although the local military sector had enough firepower, they ended up dying in the end, and also, became a Zombie.

Helicopter Wrecks are a rare-sight in the island. This could only mean that the local Military Sector could've done the following:

  • They've initiated airlifts to survivors who are on roof-tops, trying to escape the outbreak.
  • Provide Mid-Air Support to ground infantry
  • Deliver Packages to ground infantry
  • A source of transport from one place to another

However, pre-outbreak and post-outbreak accounts show that the main reason for Helicopter Wrecks is Infection. Pilots could've been bitten by zombies but they did not care less about the bite, thus, transforming into a zombie turing mid-flight, or, Mechanical Failures caused the Helicopters to go down.

Military Involvement has been proven ineffective during the times of the Apocalypse.